Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yard Sales

If you have enormous amounts of "good junk" aka clutter that you are ridding yourself of and at the end of the 1st round have a yard sale and put that money into an emergency fund. I live in the North and there is still snow on the ground when I did my first haul it was alot of that little crap. The amazing thing was I still had enough big stuff to outfit a well stocked yard sale in June. We made almost $300 and the kids pitched in a few big ticket toys they were not using as well. My niece and nephew took part and rounded up $150 for Closeup. Once the yard sale is over, box it up and either deliver to the goodwill or have them pick it up, very convenient with those heavy items. Do not keep on keeping clutter for future yard sales. Think about the time it takes to pack it up, move it, set up and so forth. Your time is valuable, send the stuff that did not sell to goodwill and let it go.

I am going to host a garage sale in the middle of winter via an internet listing site for our community. 1 morning, I will list everything before hand, have it all ready to go and first come first serve. I have to move it all anyways, its slow this month and folks are indeed looking for bargains, and I am looking to fund a specific purchase. So its win win.

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