Thursday, April 30, 2009

Denny is coming....WhooHoot!! (click for further info)

Public Service Announcement
Okay all you Southwestern and Northeastern Montanans, its time to get to class. Denny will be here June 29,30 July 1,2 for his High Trust Psychology classes Billings West High. I have only been jawing about it for a year now. More info is on his site for times and address.
If you are human this class is worth ever cent. He teaches us skills to navigate this sometimes nutty world, increase the joy with those that we love, our spouses and children. Inspire not only ourselves to get the most out of life while inspiring others to reach and achieve their goals!! Especially our children.

GET'r done, click the title header....and for readers not in Montana he does travel around as well, he just maybe in your area, check it out!!

Have a wonderful day,

Monday, April 27, 2009

fruits of my labor

Vintage inspired posie pins
Felt hair clips, first try at this.....and if you find someone selling these for $8, pay it, they are alot of teeeeeedious work. seriously. Good project to fiddle with at the baseball fields in hopes of keeping me from devouring a bag a spitz!!

2 items from days gone by. Felted wool slippers and a fleece cape (my first applique evah). Both items still in use today.

It was a great weekend as a new pair of "good scissors" sure makes sewing and cutting a cinch!

Have a great day ya'll

Lookin Good

Still puttering away on the camper.
scrappy pillow with what looks like tooled leather faux fabric on the back.

Same faux tooled leather made into a valance for the camper over the mini blinds.

A bit dark of photo, I just wanted to show you the improvements. It really is coming along nicely.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Recycled wool skirt and shrug

I love wool, it is such an underestimated fibre, especially merino wool. I found some sweaters at the thrift store for a few bucks each. Not my size but I did have a great plan for them.


and a close up of that rosette that is hiding a tiny hole

The shrug top
Simplicity #4252

Good quality childrens wool is hard to find and when you do its quite spendy, I think these set me back $6 for the used sweaters.....and both merino wool. Merino is soft and light weight and great for layering. This set will look great with some argyl tights and which ever undershirt she chooses. I still have quite a bit in scrap leftover, maybe a skinny scarf perhaps?!

Now that top was a bit of a bugger, the weave was not as tight as the weave in the skirt, so it liked to slip a bit while sewing. I got it all finished and went to hem the sleeve....wasn't gonna happen. I remembered to change my stitch to a zig zag and messed with the lenght a bit and ended up with a nice lettuce edge.

Happy sewing!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Three Stooges


Just a tad bit on the naive side, life is all about treats.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Mad Skillz

More sewing, the girly twirly skirt.

and this close up.

the bohemian funky skirty

Country girl

DiscoButterfly....heavy on the um shine

Monday, April 13, 2009

High Five

Why is it that little boys wind up to give a high five? It kinda hurts.

Big day a brewing, I am taking the lil pardners outside for yard clean up, amazing how much trash I do not see until I am hiding easter eggs. I would so be in prison if we lived in Singapore, really I have more garbage laying around on my 1 acre than they do in the entire city. Caning fer sure.

Grass seed is on the list for the back half and some weed n feed. I know not so "green". Forgive me, I vascilate back and forth from the green movement to I just want it to look nice....K? We are bracing our selves for a storm. It was reported 1-3 inches of water accumulation in the nest 3 days. First time I heard that, since the ground is warm now the snow will just melt so they will not predict it as 2-3 feet of snow. Its mid April for the love of Pete this is getting a bit old!!! So I best make the best of it.

Time to get crackin!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Street Cred!!!

Word on the streets these hens is lookin for the Eastah Bunny, they have a bone to pick, something about getting all the glory for eggs all over the yer back Eastah Bunny. just sayin.

Barred Rock hens Pictures, Images and Photos
these bioshes are looking to kick yer....


In other news...... I am lookin to have me some of these hens. I love em. Barred Rock a.k.a. Zebra Chickens. I want a whole flock, er.. uhm.. I mean herd!! Throw in a few amazing layers like the Australorps and few of those black fluff ball chickens, and some red ones and I will be set. Sorry Lois, but I am considering livestock. I will totally share my eggs with you.

For now I will settle for my chicken print pillow, I gots to build me a hen house....correction...Ebes has gots to build Us a hen house. He is so good that way.

Boss Lady

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be the light.

Happy Easter Ladies. This holiday used to be so conflicted for me personally. I never quite understood how a bunny that hid eggs was tied to Jesus dying on the cross and ultimately resurrected, or folks deserting one place for another. I just could not wrap my head around all of it. I finally "got it". What a relief. I celebrate several aspects of this Holiday. Death, Birth and Rebirth. We are constantly growing in our spiritual lives as well as our personal and professional lives, they are not separate, they are intertwined. Old ways or "those that do not grow corn" must die, and it can be painful at times however it leaves us the opportunity to sow new seeds to grow those that will. Its all Gooood. Feed the flame that burns deep within your soul. Candle Flame Pictures, Images and Photos


1. aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence: an inspired poet.
2. resulting from such inspiration: an inspired poem; an inspired plan.

inhaled: inspired

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Essential Oil Room Spray

I have shared this recipe mucho macho onlino with a few ladios. I keep getting emails requesting the secret ingredients. Oh yer just gonna die when you realize how darn easy and simple it is.

1 part H2O
1 part vodka or rubbing alcohol
essential oil of liking or fragrance oil of liking. I make mine strong, its a personal choice.
pump spray bottle

I personally use rubbing alcohol for the recipe and save the vodka for internal use. Its not a vice versa kinda thing. The difference between Essential oils and Fragrance oils....EO's are natural and come directly from plant material. FO's are synthetic.

My favorite blend is.........drum roll please
Patchouli & Gardenia

a few others are
Lavender & Vanilla
Orange, Clove and Green Tea
Ylang Ylang & Black Pepper

and of course Lilac.
Go ahead, Take a big whiff.
aaaaaaaaaah, those smell so good.

Ta Da part Duece


looking good, good lookin.
Making progress. Still workin it.

Ta Da

Raised beds compliments of Mr. Ebes.

to go here...5 new ones in fact.

When he built them it was as you can see drying out, the next day we had snow and more snow the following week. We are nigh upon Easter and that means potato and pea planting time this weekend. Sweet its perfect timing now that its not so wet.YEEHAW!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Auction Barns

Here in the last 6 months 2 auction barns have popped up on my radar. I'm thinking, hey..... this maybe an easier way for me to get rid of some stuff. Think about it, no pricing, no setting up, waiting all day for garage sale folks to show up.dickering over a $1 item, putting up and taking down signs. I am gonna poke around and see what their commision is. It just may be worth it to send it all to the auction barn. The key for me is to walk away and not attend. I have a weakness for auction barns, you never know what treasure you'll find.

Like a banana box of salt and pepper shakers. Think about the gifting potential that holds. Nah, not really. I remember my dad bringing home that box of salt and pepper shakers and how fun it was to dig through them. Good chance he still has them. I still have a teddy bear from an auction when I was 7 years old. Auction barns bring back good memories for me as a kid, probably not so much for others. The last time I remember them being so popular was in the 70's and 80's when farms up north were going under due to the terrible financial times. With the recession at hand, look for auction barns to be active again.

Auctioneers are a unique folk, how do they talk so darn fast anyhow?

Have a great day gals, I am so thankful the sun is shining!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cuz thats how I roll


Kinda homely and its asthetic appeal is growing on me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rethinking the American me

Do take a moment to take a peek, I thought it was well written.
I like simplicity, I have simplified a few aspects of my life and lemme tell ya, waaaaaaaay less stress, and that includes the company I keep. I like stuff with history, like my camper for example. Its OLD, but its well made, it serves our purpose well. I can make it my "own". Its not Humongous. I have been in new campers and fifth wheels, I do not like them. For starters most of them have carpet and not near as much storage as older models, oh and a big pricetag's to match their monstrous size. No thanks. My hubby is eyeballing them, I say good luck with that, have fun vaccuming that in the desert or at the lake, I am going fishin.
I like to grow my own food, beat to my own my drum.
I purchase with a purpose, I don't care what other people think. I try to look and dress decent, but I do not know what the latest and greatest labels are. I do not want my house to look like everyone else's house on the block, Mine is unique and no matter where I live it will always be different. I am anti cookie cutter all the way. I will never spend $300 on a purse, or $2K on a set of wheels.....just the wheels, not the whole car. I like a simpler way of life. My vacation destination is not Disney World, its a National Park. I will never understand paying 2 benjamins for a bottle of wine. Not gonna happen. I do however understand the value of a good work ethic and know when to stop to enjoy those that are important to us.
I love the company of great friends, family, shared with fabulous food....maybe that is what the Amercian Dream is all about....share each others company and eat each others food and say it was good.
Sounds pretty simple to me,