Friday, January 9, 2009

Cloth wipes

What did you say?

I said we use cloth wipes. You know 2 pieces of flannel turned and top stitched in a 7x7 wipe oneself after using the toilet. tossed in a lidded receptacle to be washed and reused.

How did you come up with this idea?

Reluctantly I assure you....
One day my youngest daughter was having a terrible time in the bathroom and ended up putting what seemed like 1/2 roll of toilet paper down the lew in attempts to get herself clean, consequently plugging it up...BIGTIME! It was not a good day. we have a septic system as well.
So I remembered the gals on my mom board talking about "cloth wipes" and voila! I was beggining to attempt wrapping my head around this idea, as before I just could not fathom. I promptly found the one flannel sheet I could find, cut and sewed it up into wipes and there, that is the story. I used them and to my surprise I felt "cleaner" ...kinda like WOW, that was n.i.c.e. and I feel ah hem really clean.

Does your bathroom stink?

No, not in the slightest. it doesn't, and even though the lidded receptacle has a label on it that says "cloth wipes only"(tucked neatly between the tub and toilet) I still find bits of kleenex and trash in it come wash day. Which is once a week and they get thrown in with whites, a lil bleach and very hot water for sanitary reasons. They wash up all nice and clean. Really Really!!

Do you still buy toilet paper?

Yes we do

Before ya'll get to grossed out, think about all the cleaning you do around your toilets when there is a male species living in your home. Trust me, tossing in some soiled cloth into a washing machine is a bit more simpler than getting on your hands and knees to scrub a toilet.
It was simple for me, find a solution for my daughter to clean herself properly or fight with a plugged up toilet with hip waders on and sewer snake, trudging all around in lord knows what, make a mess and have to wash 8-10 bath towels anyways. It was an easy choice.


and there they are in all their inconspicous glory...toilet paper and toilet cloth co-existing harmoniously on top of the tank, and they lived happily ever after. The End

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