Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Words of Wisdom

I find some great wisdom from some great folks. This is what a stumbled upon in my forever search for tips, tricks and design. Think about this, and let it absorb through your skull and skin.

"So, what is household management? It is the act of focusing not just on the mechanics of home organization and cleaning, but taking a bigger picture view of how these actions effect and influence all aspects of your family life." ~Taylor, Household Management 101

Really does it not get any simpler than that? I think it just may become one of those quotes that I print out or paint onto a board and hang it up somewhere. Its that good!!! It could just be my new mission statement describing what it is that I think is important as a Family Manager. I like effeciency, simplicity, beauty, comfort meanwhile being mindful of waste, repurposing and teaching life long habits.

How does it affect those in your household when its piled, crammed, cluttery etc? I know first hand what happened with my 18 month old daughter on a visit to a home that was packed to the gills, We were invited to play cards and no sooner than I sit down she became engulfed in "stuff" and started turning in circles and began to cry because she saw no obvious way out of this did not help that 2 huge friendly dogs came to investigate what was the matter. All out wailing!! (The other larger kids, would hop or stretch to step over stuff) I scooped her up, consoled her, set her back down. She would have none of that. I politely told my host I would be leaving and thanked them for the invite and I have never been back to that house since. Not because I dont like them, ITS JUST TOO MUCH! ITS OVERWHELMING!! I still see them and do like these folks they are really neat people, I just don't think they realize the impact their clutter has on them in a larger scope sense. It was then and there I realized why my OCD friend(who is so clean you could lick her toilet and it would be minty fresh) can not, will not step foot in that lady's house. I am not even close the neat nick she is and I was uncomfortable, not that I need anyone to pamper me, but dang where do I sit when all the chairs and sofa and dining table chairs have crap piled on the them....and they knew they would have a housefull! They that live there are just used to it, thats all. Its an everyday act to just move something over to sit down. Do you swing the other overly obsessed with cleaning and neatness that your guests are afraid to even come in, in fear of messing something up? I have actually experienced slipping off my shoes and before my toe was out of the second loafer, the host grabbed them and set them next to the wall lined up with the other guests shoes. The two examples happened in the same weekend. Guess what? I have not been back to that house either. I was wiggin.....the whole time I thought Holy Crap, nothing not a speck of anything was out of place. It was absolute perfection.....Or was it? I would be afraid to bring my kids to that house, heck lets be honest, I was afraid to be in that house!!! It felt so cold and clinical even though she had plush fluffy beautiful furnishings, all brand spanking new with out a scratch on anything! (psssst, she has kids too) What an experience for me, a lesson in balance. Balance is Key!!

We really do make an impact on our households daily lives. I strive to teach my kids balance with responsibility, accountability, cleanliness, orderliness, and general flow of life inside these walls and outside of them as well. For example: Brush your teeth and put the toothbrush away and just try not squirt or spit toothpaste on the mirror, aim for the sink! Even if they do, its not a freak out until there is blood involved. I am still learning each and every day! Balance Balance Balance!!!

stick that in your hat! (meant in the most loving humored way, really really)


Patton's With Passion said...

Hi Val! :)
I agree about balance.
I STRIVE for it, but its hard to keep an even flow. Most of our home is clutter free, but the basement? THAT'S the clutter magnet. Good intentions for selling and donating get brushed aside by other activities. "We need to go the other direction in town" "There's no room for those bags because the hockey bags are in the back"...etc etc. The truth is, they are only excuses. The state of our homes have a lot to do with us, emotionally. I KNOW I have a hard time letting things go. On the surface, I seem just dandy, but I HIDE my true feelings and emotions, just as I hide my physical baggage in the basement. Its hard to let go sometimes.

Penny Pickles said...

i love it!!! amen to balance - my house is clean and organized, but i'm not going to freak if someone comes over and leaves their shoes on. in my next life I am going to be a prof. organizer - wanna work with me?