Thursday, January 22, 2009

Come, take a peek

I am an artist through and through, there are days I am really "out there" and days I wish I could really stay there as well. My inspiration comes and goes, and when it hits, everything else comes to somewhat of a screeching halt. I guess one could say I was on sabbatical for almost 20 years not even feeling one ioda of artsy pangs, and one day it came back and I kicked the kids out of the area intended for the studio. Its mine now, all mine....not really they love hanging out up there in the clouds with me.

I submitted this piece not in its original form, which was graphite on watercolor the Susan G. Komen foundation representative here in our state. I told her she could use if they chose to for greeting cards or what ever they could have full copy right to it in the Warhol state. I have not heard back from her maybe she was not as excited about it as I was. I thought it was colorful and edgy like so many women I meet that have battled breast cancer or love someone who has.

It was fun to play around in photobucket with all the fun tools they have....I really did think it would wow them, guess not LOL!! Its been 6 months and I still own the copyright and probably always will. Simple as that. I can feel my paint urge coming on, its kinda weird and I end up preparing for it now, rushing around getting as much done as possible to make it easier to work up there and maintain my household. How can I really tell its coming on, well I start wanting to stay up at night and I am thinking about art, that is how I know. Like my mind is not ready to rest. Its been a good 4 months since the last project in the fall. Here it is my gorgeous bull is a rather large painting almost 2 1/2 feet by 4 feet in oil and one of the most easy, in a sense it just flowed right out of me. Its still on my easel too.Photobucket

When I have left over oil paint I don't want going to waste, I challenge myself to a "shoot out". I give myself about an hour or two to complete a smaller painting start to finish with the left overs. This is my absolute favorite shoot out painting...oh yeah, did I mention I am self taught. This is how I grow in my craft.
Indeed a Silly Coyote, its midnight what the heck am I doing up?

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Kit said...

I love the coyote - wow says a lot for just painting like mad at midnight!