Saturday, January 3, 2009

Laundry rooms continued...

Now that you have cleared out all the piles of extra laundry, washed and put away. Bags of extra clothing sent to your local Goodwill or church. Lets address what else the laundry room can purpose as well. Mine is also used as a psuedo pantry of home maitenance.

In a cabinet above the washer and dryer I have baskets (labeled too) that hold all my home maintenance type of things. Most used are the easiest to reach then the least used but still needed are on top.
and I can tell you what the order is without looking.....impressive eh?
bottom shelf left to right: sock box, laundry soap, and a basket that holds, a hammer, nails, screws, screw driver, tape measure, some hooks, command strips, packaging tape, and some caulking that cannot freeze

2nd shelf: fabric softener, a basket that contains, stain stick/spray, plant food, eucalyptus essential oil (I add this to my unscented fabric softener. You could use whatever essential oil you would prefer.) a basket of rags, hair clippers in a zipper bag and a box of garbage bags.

3rd shelf: extra ziplocks, foil etc, a tupperware container of guinea pig food, a basket for pet care essentials, and then a basket of light bulbs.

4th shelf. Basket of septic system additive, a gallon of paint and a basket of painting supplies for touch ups around the house.

That was all that would fit and still remain easy access.

The dresser in there that needs some TLC serves as storage for sewing supplies and placed on top for the guinea pigs. It is easier keep their cages clean and when the kids get them out the shredded bedding gets everywhere, solution: Put them where its easy access to a broom. Its also nice and bright in there for their enjoyment. I will not have a pet that is relegated to a back room, they are part of our family and we have them where their is alot of motion and activty.

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