Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Big Bertha Moved her bowels....

Bwahahahahahaa!! This is what is behind those doors.


AAAACK!! full to the max and so not functional with stuff falling out

The after

I have developed an obsession with trays since my trip to South Africa.... like the booze tray lower left. behind it is a basket with canning jars. On the right is more stacking containers to hold bulk buy and extra stock. Left top well its for stuff like thermos's, lunch coolers etc.


Orphan kitchen items left by guests during the holidays, packaging, lids, plastic containers. These need to go buh bye!

Oh Big Bertha looks good.

Here lemme show you her drawers.....Photobucket


Batteries and Baking Frippery


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Otis said...

Big Bertha looks Beautimous! Good job cowgirl!