Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creature of Habit

I am having a strange aha moment. I have discovered I am a creature of habit. I am an open book. It all came about while examining these discounted swatches I picked up to make pillows for the camper.
Tired of hearing about the camper yet? Tough, I am a creature of habit, I never stop until I am finished (how is that for redundant). I want to include ya'll in the journey. There is some ju-ju going here, or my own internal compass guiding to me what is my zone. In reality all I am doing is creating a home away from home. I love being home that much. I am a homebody. What? I thought I was part gypsy? Maybe I am a gypsy that loves to come home. I have only really traveled a small bit....Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park, the Southwest, Africa. Each and everyone of my "colors" is richley illustrated in those destinations. From the crystalline aquas and turquoises, the many shades of green from lizard to leaf, the reds and oranges of the red rocks to the the african plains, the greens and orangey reds of my canned good for crying out loud!! From placemats, to furniture, to artwork and my clothing, paint of the walls.

These colors also remind me of those close to my heart......my daughters rich brown eyes, and beautiful auburn brown hair. Pippy's red hair and green eyes, my sons eyes remind of the sky and trees....little orbs that look like our Earth from outerspace. His yellow blond scrub of hair. My hubbies mousey hair, orangey mustache and hazel green eyes, My deep blue eyes, the blond streaks in my hair.(cleverly disguising my silver). Not that there is anything wrong with silver, it goes great with turquoise and jade! Its amazing WE all coordinate with the decor of my house. How did that happen!? Heck even my kitchen walls turned out to be the same shade as my babies chubby cheeks at that time. I noticed that after she dumped over a can of paint on to herself!

Hold me, I am getting all veclamped here!!


Wow! I guess I know what I really really like eh? I think I might need a drink, its after 12 noon.....go open Big Bertha and WHAT the H E double toothpick do I find? The rich rusty Captain Morgan is sitting there all smart on non other than a turquoise tray! I swear the booze and melamine are MOCKING ME! Immediately close booze cabinet. I mean really what would the neighbors say, its only 12:09 in the afternoon!

ITS BEEN A WEIRD DAY!! I NEED SOME ADVIL!....on second thought.....great, just great, what color is advil? and what color is the label?
I'm done, stick a fork in me! this could go on all day.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

She is Home

The Camper is home. I dove right in cleaning it out. Once I got all the old bedding and what not out of there, the 50 gallon bag of paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic cutlery, 2 banana boxes of cookware and other miscellaneous camp gear,and a load of towels My girlfriend Tammy found a full box of Star Wars Dixie cups from 1982. Our space geek friend Gary will be stoked!! I was ready to bring in the bucket of pine Sol.Photobucket
(view from the entry)
(view from the far end)

To my surprise once I did a vaccuuming and a scrubbin and set back the futon type seating/bed pads....It was more than awesome! It is in better shape than my original expectations. The coverings look brand new, I know they are not the originals, maybe circa 80's hurculon but nontheless not one tear or snag! For a camper that is 49 years old its downright amazing. I hope I look that good in 10 years. I am blessed.
(kitschy kitchen)

I thought I would just replace the flooring and counter top right away...don't need to, I would like to eventually but it really does not need it immediatly. It does however need curtains, the faded mint green ones are shot. A little paint where they started painting the inside, but I am not painting the entire entierior. The furnace grate needs some touch up and my husband will tinker with the stove and fridge when the rain subsides. Yes, now we have rain, and by end of day it will be snow. Some new tires, make sure the appliances work, weather stripping around the front door a few homey touches and we are good to go.Photobucket

One thing I did discover is that all this new ghetto fabulous hip hop gear that sports crowns and bling aint nothin new......
Just a refake of the original!

Hubs is formulating the design for the exterior when we are ready to paint....he wants to make it look like a 57 Chevy in white, turquoise and silver. What a cool guy, I told him he could do whatever he likes on the outside, and I can do whatever I wanted on the interior.

Lets go campin Ya'll!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Vhat da hek is brong with my wog.

Its really really irritating me that my background is not showing up!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cowgirl Camper

Here she is girls, in the rough.

and here are her delicate insides



I think Mrs. Puff was on to something when she suggested I blog about this. I have been scouring the internet for some renovations cowgirl camper style. Nada! They must be a private group of ladies, I know they are out there, fly fishing somewhere in this glorious landscape out here we call the Wild West.

So hang tight with me gals as I take this "rode hard and put away wet camper" to a fabulous vintage cowgirl bunkhouse on wheels. Its still "down in the weeds" and I mean that literally. It snowed last night so therefore its very muddy in its current locale. Mud Hog ruts are not something I want to leave behind for the landowners, in due time she will be home in my drive way.

I have big dreams for her and I am thinking this a mini camper must be to me what a boat is to a man. We call them "she" and we always want to name them.

What to name her? oh the possiblities....HootenAnny?...maybe. Kinda like pickin out names for your children....yes! Its that important.

Over and Out

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiss Me Anyways......

Irish or not everyone likes kisses.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wake Up Folks....click me!

This will be my first political post. I have been discussing this issue with a few folks around here after the big CPSIA debacle and few letters to my congressmen. What is next?

If you guessed the local farmers market, roadside vegetable stands, family farms then you win the prize of knowing what's going on. Congratulations for not wearing blinders.

I guess the campaign banners waving "Its time for change" were correct two fold.
The change that I am seeing via Legislation is more control, more laws, more regulations, and more spending.
The change I want to see is for the great people of this country to become more involved, paying attention to what our congressmen and women are doing while they are in session. The government is not them, the government is US. For the people, by the people. Never did it say For big business, by big business......whom in my humble opinion is behind the CPSIA and the now the formulating Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. If the notion that "organic farming" is criminal then I wonder how it is the newly elected Prez's children are going to be offered organic choices at their private school cafeteria......hmmm, fascinating eh?

I will update on occasion however it would warm my heart if ya'll did some research on the subject yourselves. This legislation affects us all on such a basic level. Why? cus we all need to eat, it's that simple.

Over and Out

Urban Homesteading...

While down at my mom and pop grocer picking up some ginger ale for my gingerly ailing husband whom is home sick with the flu today, I pick up a magazine of interest. The one and only Mother Earth News February March edition. It is one magazine that is worth 10 times the paper its printed on. Inside there is an inspiring article about Jules Dervaes and his "one trowel revolution". Who is Jules you ask? That pioneer over in Pasadena that gardens his 1/10th of an acre to an astounding harvest that sustains his family. He does have the advantage of year round climate that is condusive to such harvest, I have the advantage that I live on 1 acre with a well.

Stay tuned, in my hubbies semi lucid state I am going to approach him in turning the entire side yard into a garden paradise. This could go a couple of ways....scrunched up brow, bantering about not having any lawn to do.......what?mow? I have reduced our mowing by quite a bit since we have lived here. Maybe a few "are you crazy questions", or he will just nod off to sleep, and Lord help me out here pretty please, he will start dreaming of my vision.
I wonder if Jules would autograph my trowel? I would love to see his operation hands on, I am just that kind of person. A modern day, living in town, Urban Homesteader!

Go to www.pathtofreedom.com and get your Victory Garden on! I did slip them onto my blog roll for my everyday convenience.

Back to regularly scheduled daydreaming.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soup Kitchen

With the arrival of more snow and zero degree temperatures I have decided this week is going to be designated as Soup Kitchen week. Homemade soups and homemade rolls. I don't even care to serve a green salad. Salad is cold and I am getting fed up *to here* with the cold.

Ham and Bean
Beef Barley
Chicken noodle
Garden Soup
Butternut Squash

Come and Get it!!

Just Because

A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love!`Mother Theresa

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tricky tricky

I thought this was a great idear. Its really so darn simple I think I can get it out in just one more sentence. Crush up egg shells and sprinkle in the holes you plant your tomatoes. Why? So you can have eggy tasting 'maters. NO! The calcium in the shells helps to prevent blossom end rot. I had a dicker of a time with that last year so I am trying it this year.

One more trick....when you plant tomatoes, plant them deeply. I leave about 4 inches of the plant on top. All those itty bitty hairs on the stem of the plant will, get this, form into roots. Nice strong, nutrient and water absorbing root systems. Be patient, the first month they will be so busy growing roots you will not see much top growth, but they will catch up in mach speed.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Are you a Gardening Newbie?

Never fear, you can still have garden success.

Plant choices for the first timer:

Green Beans

All very easy, all very tasty. The squash family is huge and can be a bit confusing for the first time gardener. There are summer squash and winter squash. My picks for summer squash are scallop, crookneck and zucchini of course. 1 of each is sufficient. Unless you want to load your harvest up in a baby stroller and deliver them to every neighbor on your block. Winter Squash is the variety that is grown to store throughout the winter months. My picks for the winter squash is butternut, acorn and sphaghetti. I still have 20 butternuts in my basement. Pumpkins are winter squash as well. Very easy and you will need some space to let them spread out.

Green Beans: There are bush and pole. So if you have limited space, poles are wonderful but you have to be diligent in picking them and you will have a nice harvest of them. I have used 1 and 1/2 inch tree limbs as my poles salvaged from a pile during community park clean up. Easy peasy. Bush beans are just as easy and I found if I sit on a childs hopper ball it makes picking easier, I get my little ones to help me with this and they are good about assisting. I usually plant 2 wide rows of Blue lake beans about 12 feet long. I have plenty for fresh eating and for freezing. So this year I am going to do one row of bush, and one of poles.

Cucumbers: Slicers for table eating and Pickling for what else but pickles. So do pay attention to the label. I am not to particular about these varieties. I have had great success with everyone I have tried. Picklers can be used in table eating but can lend to the bitter at times.
You can trellis cukes with a tomatoe cage for simplicity and space saving as well.

Gardening is not hard, the key is not to make it difficult. You need dirt, water, a bit of compost, seeds and some mulch. You can successfully garden in flower beds, whiskey barrels and right in the ground or in raised beds. You will have to water your garden on a regular basis. Duh! I am flabbergasted by some that do not comprehend that bit of information that plants need water. Be for warned.....I say this with much apprehension.....it has come to my attention the gardening is becoming "trendy" these days. Huh? Trendy?OMG I am trendy?! Surely you jest. If you are a person the falls into "trends" and are doing things because "that's what everyone else is doing" you will be sorely disappointed. Define why you want to give this a try...is it because you love the taste of fresh cukes, are not willing to pay $6 for one butternut at the grocer. Geez who knew I had a tiny goldmine last fall growing right in my back yard. If you are doing this with false expectations that it will wipe out your grocery bill. Think again. It will help your grocery bill but it will not just miraculously wipe it out. Somewhere on the internet in the form of a book there is the story of the $64 tomato. To start gardening there is an investment in your supplies and those will be paid back over time, easily the first year. So please know there is an initial investment, it is no different than any other hobby or project you start. Be creative in your round up of supplies, check craigslist, freecycle for things you may need, then proceed at the thrift and retail stores, with some caution. Its really easy to go hog wild when one is in a greenhouse, okay maybe that is just me, the other end of the spectrum is just being flat out overwhelmed. Be patient as well, you instant gratification types just might fizzle out the first 2 weeks.

TGIF sistahs and brothas of the dirt!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!

I am still working on my 28 Day Challenge. The last week of February I did not work on any of it, due to 2 chiropractic visits and a very sore sore neck. I snuggled with a heating pad for 4 days. So I am going to plan on getting paint buckets out and hit it. I did learn something through the process, do not over schedule yourself. I did a bit, but once I got going I dropped some projects and then added others that needed to be done. So really I did get quite a bit finished.

The best thing about March.....shamrocks. I love the simplicity of them and heck even the name just rolls off the tongue nicely. Say it....Shamrock, I love the way it sounds. Now say it until the word has no meaning, that usually took about 50 times for us as kids. Look at them, all colors of greens and with the water droplets. I swear I can smell the freshness of Spring. Life will be popping up all over the place with baby calves, lambs, piglets, tulips, crocus and the like.

BABY DUCKS Pictures, Images and Photos
Hey did you thee that?

What is there not to like about spring, well except for mud.