Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little birdies

I have been incognito here the past few weeks. It seems this cowgirl is going through a bout of empty nest syndrome. I never realized how much my little ones daily schedules of napping, eating and playtime had affected my own schedule. Now I am not complaining just saying its very weird not to have them under wing during the day. Its hard to explain, I feel a bit discombobulated. I have been keeping a to do list and adding to it when a project would come up, and lo and behold the day came and I found myself absolutely not wanting to do any of it. Sure I have knocked a few things out, however I really thought I would hit it at fever pitch. Transition dear, its all what my ya ya's are telling me, the ya ya's that have experienced true empty nest, like all of their kids are out of high school!!! So I suppose the lesson here is true self direction. Hang with me folks I will be up and running again very soon with posting and pictures. Please send "light a fire under me ass" vibes!!