Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Lunch Findings with Pictures

"Catherine what is happening to me, its like its taking over me simple mind?"

Oh I scored big time at the dollar store today.
Hello Kitty seems a bit popular in bento world. I found 4 of these.Photobucket

this is what I did with it, and boy those silicone baking cups make this sooo easy. She gets her milk at school, so I will put it in a cloth bag with a freezer pack and napkin and she is good to go.

Hubby lunch today.....I really like these containers, they are Tupperware and they remind me of Jadeite and they hold 2 cups each. sweet and a good size for him.

and hubby lunch for tomorrow in a 6 cup Lock n Lock box ( these things are sweet, good size for a meal and additional snacks) and what the heck I thought I would surprise him and make veggie sushi, okay its a bit heavy on the rice and light on the veggie. its really not as hard as one may think. I do like the sticky rice and the flavor but I not so fond of the Nori.Photobucket

and this is what I did with the leftovers of this evenings meal. Mongolian Beef and the remaining sticky rice. Get it? the cows with the Mongolian Beef.....bwahahahaaPhotobucket

So for now that's what I got. I will be creating the bento bags tomorrow and continue posting at least once a week. Keep scrolling down for an additional post of lunches and my fabulous purple Mom bento box!!!


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