Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laptop me....Its time for a lunch throw down!!

I was intro'd to these a few months back and said "eh whatever, neat but I am not sure I could pull that off, it would take some effort" and have been fumbling along with my lunch preparation with less enthusiam as the year wore along. 6 year old told me she would rather have "school lunch". WHAT? truth is she has every right to want school lunch when the lunch I have provided consisted no more than a sandwich, a pudding and some crunchy snack type food, which equals boring. Time to step up to the plate in the area of personal responsibility and take some pride in the pack lunches I prepare for her and her dad, add on my son by August, That is 50-60 lunches per month. It would pay to pay attention to the resources available via the internet.

What I like about the LL box is this....if you notice when the top of the case closes it becomes the top of the containers, so carrots and grapes are not going to be just flung all over. It does come with a sealing lid for one of the larger containers to detour seepage of lets say a macaroni salad of sorts. A smaller container is included for dressings etc.

Another item I cruised across, and stopped dead in my tracks was the Bento box. A bit hard to explain but basically its of Japanese origin and the original bentos were laquered wood with compartments and a lid. There are lots of bento resources via the web just google for them and allow the journey to begin. I happen to find a bento box for 2 dollars new in package and a few other items that can be used as bento at the local thrift store. Review...the sterilite container to the far right: My daughter did not like it that well, I think she got caught up in visiting with her friends and did not snap the top on properly and the bits of leftover turkey salad was everywhere in her lunch bag. Not the first time.That is just it, I hope to have better luck with the Clickety Clik in the bottom of the picture. The Tovolo molds work awesome, and for 2.50 cents I think they were worth it.


The purple one is my favorite however it does not lock and needs a rubber band as original bentos do, it was a scrunchie box and is now my lunch box. I asked my husband if he would like to use it, he says "why not I am already getting flak" The pink one is what I would call a true bento box. I could sew up a bag in which the container would fit, throw in a cold pack and she is good to go. Those funny shaped things are ice cream sandwich molds, which you will not find me making anytime soon. Maybe for a birthday party, but not every day. You can put in a fresh hardboiled egg shelled and rubberband it throw it in some cold water for a bit and voila, here is looking at you piggy.

I also have 2 lock n lock boxes that work very well along with various sqaure containers to fit within said boxes. Those are perfect sized for my big beefy man of a husband. There are lots of neat items on the market and always have been, but its the ladies and gentleman that have shown me Lunch can be creative, it just takes a new way to look at it. Its time to take back lunch and look at it as a blessing and not a pain in the you know what. I doubt you will see me use Nori punches and the like, it seems alot of messing around. I am going to strive for creative yet simple lunches. An occasional molded pig hard boiled egg and vegtable flowers yes, give em some flair but not take up hours of my time. Its like "the art of lunch". I did make this salad for my hubby and boy did he take a razzing at of the other guys said "is she bored or something?", "wow, my wife never makes me lunch, I have to make my own"

"Happy Salad"..............and before the feminist banners go up, I make his lunch because its my job to keep headquarters running smoothly and keeping the money maker in the field. if ya get my drift! If I were working outside the home then yes lunch duty would be both of our jobs. I told him the next time they give you crap just tell em your on the sugar diet and when they say huh? just say "it's sweeet". and let em think it over.

I still need some silicone baking cups, mini bottles , sew a few bento bags and the larger cold packs, I have the small ones but I think the bigger ones the size of a post card stay colder longer.

Saddle up ladies, its time to round up lunch making gear, frippery and ingenuity. they post every day and its great inspiration.
I look to add them on to my favorite blogs, when I get around to listing those. (looks like you will have to google them)

and of course the link by clicking the title.

Its time for a lunch "throw down"
have a great day ladies.

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