Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recycling Goddess!!

click the title will take you to a lady that really is one of the most creative I have ever ran across via the web. How I found her I have no idea, but I did read an article about her a few years back that detailed the fact she has saved TONS, I believe it was well over the tens of thousands of pounds of raw material from the garbage heap. 100,000 pounds sticks in my head for some reason. Her stuff is amazing, and all though I have not bought one of her Sprout blankets or pot holder rugs as of yet (my budget does not allow it, but they are on my wish list, believe me) did inspire me to create a few of my own wool sweater blanket conversions. They were a far cry from her artistic creations. functional but not pretty.... it was fun to try something new with my sewing machine.

My hat is off to you Crispina Ffrench you are an amazingly artistic woman.

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