Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beans, Beans the miracle fruit.....

No really I am an adult, honest. There are just some things that stay with us from childhood.

Today I want you to consider this little trick in your upcoming garden.
Beans, just a plain old sack of red beans from the grocery store, about a buck.

I planted some winter squash one year and then after they were up about a 6 inches I worked in a sack of beans into the soil. I did not intend to eat them, I just wanted them to cover ground to keep weeds out and improve the soil. It works and if you want to eat them, great, they are not as tasty as a blue lake bean but you can eat them.
When my kids want to plant something during the year, and my son does this alot. He plants apple seeds, peach pits, avocado seeds you name it. He even gets into my "real seeds" and that can get expensive, so I give him a handful of red beans or pinto beans and off he goes to plant them. It keeps him busy and out of my good garden seeds.

Have a great day

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