Thursday, February 19, 2009

Interview Time.

By the fabulous and talented Kit Heathcock of Food and Family. Kit lives in South Africa, I stumbled upon her blog researching recipes for rusks of all things. I love her recipes and tales of cooking, baking and family, her photography of flowers is astounding and the Chakra florals...totally classy.
So on to the interview.

1. De-cluttering seems to be your major mission at the moment. What got you inspired to start and how long has it taken you so far?

It started about 2 years ago when I took on extra children in my home, with three of my own and a very busy mother and wife, I was overwhelmed with "stuff" and trying to find what I needed when I needed it. I come from a long line of "pack-rats", so I say its genetic, really its learned behavior.It felt like the upkeep of my home was taking over my life. One day after an epiphany with Karen Kingston's tutelage of not wanting to live that way anymore, I just started boxing up stuff I did not use, need or love. If I can inspire others to live well with less stuff then that is all the better.

2. You said you are a self-taught painter … how did you get going and where does your inspiration come from? Any tips for an aspiring painter?

I did take high school art classes, my mentor was my junior year Art teacher. My dad is a sculptor. Most of my inspiration comes from nature itself. Our world is full of color, think of a sunset. Vibrant, rich and passionate.I grew up on a ranch and horses are my main subject. I am branching out a bit.

Advice for Aspiring painters? Never give up, keep painting and paint from your heart, allow yourself to break the rules, let it flow from within, ignore those that say "it should be this way or that way" it your way. I feel everyone posses a unique artistic quality . We were born without the ability to read or write, yet we can do those, why not painting? Somewhere along the road we or others either convinced ourselves we could not do it,or were not good enough at it. Believe in your self, and to heck with what others think it should be or look like. it helps to turn down the volume of our own self critic as well.

3. What brought you to South Africa? What are your best memories of your visit?

My husbands job (helicoptor engineer as you call them) brought us to S.A. I had the opportunity to go with Dr. Grobler on a rhino rescue mission outside of Sabie Sands G.R.....actually touching the rhino seemed a surreal experience. So many great memories and an amazing visit. Our hosts were most gracious. When I arrived home and when asked about the trip, it took me awhile to formulate an answer for them, and ended up talking non stop. It is definately a place one must visit to "get it". There is so much to experience!!

4. What’s your idea of the perfect Saturday night in? Friends and family over for grilling or as you call brai. Visiting, laughing, enjoying each others company and eating good food.

5. If money was no object where in the world would you love to travel to and why?

Africa was number one so I will move down the list. Ireland. I would not only want to just travel there but experience living there for at least a year with my family. I am not sure if it comes from the notion of the romanticised version of Ireland or the fact my husband is part Irish. I just feel an inner draw or connection, yet it is unexplainable, completely ironic as I am zero parts Irish, 2 parts Norwegian. Castles and the history, the landscape is fascinating.

So now I would like to extend the invitation to interview my readers here at Keep It Simple Cowgirl, send me an email at I will post the interview here, you post the interview on your blog, extend the invitation to interview your readers and do the same thing.

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Da aa ay!!

Lots of Love

Simple Cowgirl

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Kit said...

Enjoyed reading your answers, Val! Hope you get some takers for interviewees too!