Sunday, February 15, 2009

28 day challenge..mid month

Carpets shampooed-check
furniture (sofa,chair,loveseat) shampooed-check
extra floor rugs shampooed-check
Pink Shabby chalkboard for Ava-check
Entryway decluttered and scrubbed top to bottom-check
toys decluttered-check (my kids are getting good at this)
old recliner freecycled!!

I detoured from my list, see how easy that is for me to do!! The shampooing extended to all of the living room, it really needed it! I have no regrets though, I feel I am getting alot accomplished. This week is the 2 big rehab painting projects...a hope chest and a dresser and sewing slip covers for the island chairs. I also have company coming for 4 days this week so I will limit it to 3 tackles. We will celebrate my birthday on Saturday and I changed my mind from a brass singing bowl to a boot scraper/brush! The mud this Spring is insane!!

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