Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How big is your But?......(click me)

There, I said it!
Anyone that knows me, knows I get right to the point, no sense in beating around the bush. So how big is your but? No, not that butt, your "but" that is used in everyday life other than keeping your frame erect. The "but" that is used over and over again is a quasi-pseudo attempt to make an excuse for not doing what it is that you could be doing.
Click on the header and go visit with The Millionaire Mommy Next Door and she will enlighten you with her point of view regarding your "but". Once you get through it, its my hope that you will become aware of inserting the "but" word into your daily speech pattern, which in turn shows up in your daily life as a huge ole stinkin obstacle that we place right in front of the progress we wish to achieve.

Okay why is it I cannot get the italics off? No worries, I gotta keep typing so as not to lose my train of thought.

Other words to ponder when used in everyday language and the correct replacement word(s).

Should-guilt based, replace with could
Have to-guilt based, replace with "I am, I will, I chose" etc. For example "I have to go to so and so's for dinner"..."I am going to so and so's for dinner".
Right and wrong indicate a moral judgement, it's no wonder when someone tells us "you are wrong, you did that wrong, she is right, you are wrong" it feels like a personal attack.

Play with the words a bit, come up with your own examples, and take notice of the tone of them and the response of your inner self when you are speaking them. Fascinating yes?

It is that simple!!

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