Monday, February 9, 2009

A few knock outs...

2I did say I would post some pix (aka proof) that I have been keeping the commitment.

I have 4 of these chalkboards to do, I cut some doors down I salvaged years ago....1 down , 1 in progress. I still need to attach a "cup" style drawer pull, upside down to hold the chalk.

Used for bento bags, and gifts as well, and you can really reuse them over and over and over.

Bohemian Wool shoulder bag.
I just wung it, ya know. It has a personality of its own indeed.

The main floor bathroom....this used to have airplane border and it was time for a fresh up. I found this one at Lowes for 50 cents.

That is about it for pix, just one of those days where PB and I were not jiving. I did get the curtains done in the kids's room, the basement had new carpet rolled out and boy what a difference. My back felt that last night. I listed 10 items on craigslist. Sold the upright freezer, sent the harvest gold fridge to the salvage. Car is all nice and clean, my plants are thriving in their new digs. I still have not figured out where to hang all my extra art work that I dug out of the studio closet. That was easier than I was mostly stuff I just hid in there for the time being (naughty naughty), and all I had to do was go put it away.

I did get some fabric 13 yds of it to dress up some shelving units downstairs, looking at the stuff on the shelves is just not restful to the eyes. We fashioned some "make shift" walls with the shelving units to create an extra sleeping space for guests with the extra queen bed after we replaced it with the King. I never set out to be a seamstress in life, but it is a handy skill to have that sewing.

Have a great Week ladies, sorry no menu posted, well its meat and what else. I am fully stocked and prepped in the kitchen so coming up with something should not be hard at all.


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