Tuesday, February 3, 2009

28 Day Challenge

I have my list of challenges ready for this month. I will post pictures end of week. I have been brainstorming larger projects with smaller projects so if I am falling behind with other areas of management I can quickly catch up, by choosing something that may take an hour instead of 4.

What is on your list of challenges? This is mine, I knocked a few of these things out over the weekend, pictures end of week.

bento bags and gift bags-done
curtains for kids room-done and guest room
elastic in daughters jammies-done
slip covers for island chairs

large shabby chalkboard-done
small shabby chalkboard-done
shabby dresser
Hope chest rehab
Poppy inspired painting
Walls going to basement
Stain wood stairs to basement

basement-1/2 done
master closet-my side done
garage sale side of garage-done
move carpet to basement-done
organize studio closet-done
Move beds for new beds-done

hang guest room blinds
source bathroom mirror-done
source King bed-done
closet door replacement
household notebook
hang art work-still stumped
repot houseplants-done
shampoo carpets-done
Tax prep
Valentines Treats for school-done
supplies for 3 birthdays end of month

Time to get crackin!!!


Jenny said...

Woman, you are making me tired just reading that list. Go with your ambitious self! Whoot!

Tammy said...

You go girl! When you are done at your house, I have an office/storage/everything room that you can come support me with. A little paint, some organinzing, some disposal of unnecessary "junk", and a room left that is functional. What do you think?

Lynette said...

It's makes me tired looking at the list, too. I thought I had a lot to do. If I listed them all, I would get too overwhelmed! I also homeschool one child and do part time work for my husband, including the bookkeeping. We are getting ready to start gardening and then we will be canning....I was # 6808 on PW's post about gardening today. Right before yours. We have an acreage and are trying our hand at a BIG garden this year. I like the bright pink tractor idea but the tractor's my husband's.