Saturday, August 15, 2009

ObamaCare in Montana

Well he hit in on the head Americans are being held hostage by their insurance companies, but he missed a few other key points. Single payer coverage is the same thing only worse!! Ask any vetran. Its true those of us that do have coverage are still being rationed what is covered and what is not. Case in point. Our insurance premiums are covered by our employer, they are up to $1,092 per month per family. My son just received immunizations to go to kindergarten. Wanna know what the bill was. Keep in mind this is considered a well child visit, and state law requires that they have the immunizations and the total premiums for one year is over $13,000. What i pay in co payments IS NOT applied to my deductible. Our deductible is $1,000 per member or $2000 per family, then I get to fork over $4,000 after that in 80/20. Now this does not include any services like labwork. So we estimate having at least $8,000 in a medical savings account if and when we need it. well gosh darn Sally I think we are over $21,000 for medical coverage for one year!!!

Total provider charges 247.25
Total allowed amount 223.73
Total Applied to the deductible 0.00
Total Coinsurance/Copayment 89.49
Total Amount Payable by Plan 134.24
My total responsibility to the provider 89.49

ITS EXTORTION! coming up with a new single payer plan is just running neck and neck with the current insurance companies. Insurance companies need to be held accountable for what they are doing to their clients.....its charging for a product and not following through on their commitments. Why do they do it? Because they can! If we do not have coverage we face high medical bills in case of a hospitalization, if we do have coverage we face paying high premiums and still have substantial bills to pay.

Tort reform and frivolous lawsuits MUST BE ADDRESSED!! Its absolutely ridiculous for doctors and surgeons and hospitals to "have to" carry malpractice insurance that is expensive. How about paying back 289,000 in university bills along with 125,000 per year premium on insurance so you can be a surgeon....... That gets passed on to us the consumer. Its not a matter of "if" they get sued, its a matter of "when".

Another thing to consider is if we reduce our doctors to general lay people, we are asking them to not practice their skill. No they are not better than us but they are different from us.....think about what it takes to actually cut another human being open and find the problem and correct it, if they can. Fair income for doctors, you betcha. Transparency in the bills we receive, you betcha. BTW, we were charged twice for nursing services because it was 2 different shots. huh?

knew a doctor once that carried zero insurance.....and it was posted in the waiting room. He put it all out there for the world to see, he even went as far as to say he owned zero assets so suing him would be pointless. His mission statement had the message that he became a doctor for the passion he felt about helping people blah blah blah and essentially the point came across that his vocation was not about getting rich but doing what he loved to do. take it or leave it. How is that for transparency!!

Its time we clean up this mess of health care and its not by offering a "new plan" that essentially rivals the current plan but by weeding out the low life, scum sucking ambulance chasers and the laws that support them and holding insurance companies accountable for fraudulent practice. Doctors need to stop excessive runabout for this and that oh like 5 MRI's for what ever, and hospitals need to stop charging $5 for a damn aspirin! People in general need to be accountable as well for themselves.....lay down the fork, lay off the booze, lay off the McDonalds and fried chicken! Patient accountability, hmmm there's a thought! Don't even get me started on the psychiatric mental health debacle that is essentially putting billions in the pockets of the Pharmaceutical companies......which are traded on the stock market!! gee I wonder what their mission statement is? The ridiculous bullshit practices where Viagra is covered by scrip plans but birth control and hormone replacement therapy is not. WTF? Seriously its all snowballing out of control and sooner or later we are all gonna get rolled on.

G'day ya'll


Penny Pickles said...

amen sister, amen - when you run for office, I'll vote for you - hell I might even work for you!

Val said...

You and I have had that conversation about our sue happy society in days gone by, I believe Morrison and I exchanged a few emails as well. I don't think I would ever run for any public office but thanks for the High five. Besides it would take away from what I really love to do....grow things to eat. You know taking up the whole weapons of mass creation mindset...our hands.*wink*