Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guarding the

An elderly gentleman that works at the book store was telling me of this today so when I had time I did a little search of my own. Sure enough...I am not surprised, my hubby was in Detroit about a month ago for business, the reported 16% unemployment is not what he heard while there. The locals were reporting it much higher around 30%. So much that freeway traffic has seen a marked decline and driving to work is not much of a hassle.

It reminded me of Zimbabwe in a way.....its not total out and out devastation like Zim but I am also reminded of an online conversation with Mz. Spider back in December ish...."we are not far behind them". Ya know what Lisa, yer right!!!

I did like the included bit about urban homesteading and folks bucking the tide and growing more of their own this what is going to take to get people to take initiative to that...dire circumstances? I guess so, cus the calvery just aint comin!

Back to reading my new garden book....How to Grow More Vegetables. Its a plethora of info on biointensive gardening, really maximizing what you have available, by enriching the soil to the point of saturation of luscious nutrients just waiting to be soaked up by plants bursting forth with edibles. Why did I buy it? the remineralization I replenish my soil with lots of good stuff but this is like a tried and true science of absolute incredible fruiting porportions, Mr. Donohue my Junior high science teacher would be so proud of me.....he was and still is I am sure a total granola, lord board wearing science geek, him and his beutiful bride had kick ass garden way back them, I am sure they still do!!. I routinely challenged him in class and occasionally got kicked out as well. and the section with the varieties of edible landscape trees, bushes etc. so detailed and perfect for what I want to accomplish here at home and in the landscape world I step in and out of in the summer.....thats a hint for you Scotty, its edible landscaping I am betting on it. Manicured grass is soooo last season.


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