Sunday, August 30, 2009

Food Storing....get it touch with your inner squirrel!!

I have been following some baby steps in food storage, finding myself a bit frustrated at times....moving stuff from here to there. 1. To make max use of available space and 2. I find myself not using a cabinet or shelf just because its hard for me to get to. I am a shorty, and really the shelves that reach to the ceiling are well a pia. great for storage but not everyday digging.3. My jars of canned goods are increasing....they are heavy and I only want to touch them once when putting them away until I need them. I actually found a site where a guy moves most of his food storage from the basement to the upstairs closet every year for some reason to do with heat exposure on the legumes. huh? maybe its a built in workout program. I dunno bout ya'll, I do not want to do that.

So let me introduce you to this wonderful blog I stumbled upon searching for visuals on food storage.....My Food Storage Deals!! Holy Spinnoli Batman, I gasped, I got a bit veclamped. It is exactly what I actual hard core visual picture of organized, functional food storage. I am one of those visual spacial types, I must be able to see what 400 pounds of bagged flour looks like. Not buckets stacked high and dry I would soon forget what I had and get sick of moving buckets. Go check her out, it rocks! She is listed in the cool blogs to the right. I think the key essential to get off the right foot is good sturdy shelving, like a foundation to success!! Her process is simple, doable and effecient!!


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