Friday, August 21, 2009

Houston we have a problem!

Cruising along with kids in tow we get about 75 miles into our trip to the "hi-line" and I am pressing on the gas peddle and it feels a bit mushy...glance down at my dashboard and both the speedometer and rpm dials are at ZERO! oh $#!*. pull over, rev the beejeesus out of it and a prompt u turn back to B town. Quick call to my hubby to let him know where we are. Drive back switch vehicles, then back on the road. Thank goodness we made it all the way back home. ack, this car is what 6 years old is all. I still will not trade it in, I am keeping my clunker. Its paid for.

The really nice thing about driving Ebe's big pick up...the kids are far enough apart in the back there are no karate chops across the face when the other is touching the others "space". WEll that and all the neato buttons on the steering wheel. Saweet!!

The Hi Line it is, mosquitos and tomatos, wedding cake bound and the camera is charged up for a nother round.

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