Saturday, August 29, 2009

Recycled composter

There are some really neat composter's available now with the green movement and the increased interest of gardening. Along with these neato inventions comes a price tag. I remember a comment by whom that I do not remember but it was of this nature "going green is the new green"...the second meaning that is where the money to be made is at. Hmph, that coming from a corporate executive in the energy field just rubs me a bit.
So on the market is a very neat and esthetically pleasing Sun Frost Solar Scrap Eater. Google it, they are indeed very nice and would be great for areas of limited space. However I do not have 600 smackers lying around with nothing to do. Besides its for kitchen scraps, my huge ComposTumbler would have been 500 smackers had I bought it brand new and that baby cooks some serious amounts of 'post.

So I made one of my own with stuff around the yard.

Now the plan was to show you step by step....but I am about ready to take this computer and introduce it to Mr. Ax. argh!

whiskey barrel planter
5 gallon bucket drilled holes all over the bottom
olive garden "salad to go" bowl for the bubble
flat rock to keep bowl from blowing away

Voila! scrap eater right outside the back door so as not having to trek to the back forty to toss. Nice and easy and within easy reach. So now I have a look out for an acrylic bowl to fortify to the top via drilled holes and some zip ties or even a heavy ish lid.

Happy Gardens

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