Monday, August 3, 2009

Boot in the Ass, cowgirl style

Dear Trina Thompson,
Wow? REally? what I find most interesting about your lawsuit....and for those of you that do not know what I am talking about....Trina Thompson is suing the bronx college she obtained her degree from, because she has not obtained employment in her field 3 months post graduation.

Puh LEASE!! We are in a recession, thousands are losing their jobs everyday, along with facing some serious financial woes. Did it ever occur to you to look elsewhere in the interim until you find the job you want? In fact we have experienced this very thing some 16 years ago, my husband did not land the "a foot in the door job" for what? almost 3 years!! What he did not do however is lay down and play victim and blame everyone else for the circumstance!

Disgraceful! Nothing unusual in this day and age when everyone wants a bailout for their situation!!

Your life will not change by much if you do not learn to take responsibility for your SELF!!

are you by chance related to Octo Mom?



Penny Pickles said...

no kidding - our litigious society has gotten ridiculous! when will people be accountable for their actions????

taycia said...

So does that mean i can sue because i havn't gotten a job in the field i am trained in in FIVE years??

Oh wait...i am one of the dropouts that got an MRS and SAHM instead *snort*...

Seriously, she didn't get a job?? in THREE MONTHS?? I do't thing she has applied everywhere...It took Zach 8 months to get a SECURITY guard job post 9/11 even with past military training.

boot in the ass. seriously. spoiled brat.