Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Such a Softie

Today I would like to share a secret to soft skin....sugar scrub. The kind of sugar scrub you can make at home with 3 ingredients. For a few pennies your skin will be like budda! I just cannot on good conscience pay $15 for a body scrub when I know this stuff work better, cost less and you can actually pronounce the ingredients.

Vegetable Glycerin (I found mine at the health food store)
essential oil (optional)

That is it! I just put some sugar in a reused container, then pour in the glycerin, stir and if its too dry add some glycerin until its somewhat slushy but not too slushy.....a few drops of essential oil if you have it and VOILA! There you have it. Smear and rub all over your body whilst in shower then rinse off, lather up, dry off and lotion up. Yoooz Be So MUCH Softer.

I first tried this with olive glycerin on hand.....not left my bathtub a greasy, greasy mess...glycerin is much better.

Warning: Hubby or boyfriends will not want to take hands off of you. *wink*


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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

From one "cowgirl" to another: Thanks for the tip. I'm mixing some up for myself tonight! C