Friday, July 10, 2009

Line up!

A while back I was reading where this lady had told her friend to turn off her "heat dry cycle" on her dishwasher to save on her energy bills. My curiosity was piqued, would that make that much of a difference? I thought. I tried it. $35 it knocked off my bill. Rough estimate of a smidge over a dollar a day. In fact it was close to 25% of my bill. A dollar per day does not sound like much but when I figured it in percentages I thought it was quite a bit. Seriously? that is only one appliance!!! No more heat dry, I can think of better/funner things to spend my money on than drying dishes.

I recently purchased a clothes line and got it erected yesterday. Cement socket and all, by myself. This was after I cut down the dead lilac with a chainsaw......yes a chainsaw, electric so it was not so heavy....I could not handle a big ole gas saw for the life of me. It felt good not to have to rely on a man to do these things. Digging the root ball out is another story, I mean really why hog all the fun, Mr. Ebes is going to be in on that one, as well as I am sure Mr. Bobcat! I am most curious to see what line drying does to my energy bill. No more line drying on the fence.....stuff getting blown off. Today I will create a pin bag from some old jeans. There is nothing like having crisp clean line dried sheets.....they smell terrific.

This year has been an appliance trade out year. The old fridge and freezer in the basement went bye bye,replaced with a new energy star chest freezer, the washer and dryer replaced with energy star front loaders.....cut my bill in half!! Had I replaced them 5 years ago when we added on this house, it would have amounted to $6,000!! I could kick myself for not doing it sooner, but no we just used what we had and they were really not that old. The total cost of the new appliances was $1,365, which we had been saving for and paid cash, plus a door buster sale the day after Thanksgiving. Lesson learned energy efficient appliances really do make a difference!!

Have a great day Ya'll


Penny Pickles said...

i was just looking at my dishwasher and wondering if "air dry" is the same as not having the heat dry. i'll try it. when we replaced our crappy old fridge with a wonderful energy star new one - it was amazing the difference in our energy bills. i'm jealous of the clothes line btw!

Kit said...

I'm interested that the heat dry cycle made such a difference. I'll have to see if ours will switch off too.

We've always line dried our laundry anyway - we'd have to be crazy not to in our climate. If we have a wet spell the laundry just piles up until the sun shines again.

Val said...

I would think air dry is the same as turning off the heat cycle. Let us know what happens.


Lynette said...

I LOVE the clothes line. I love to go out in the quiet of the morning and hang clothes. IT is a good way to start my day. And they smell soooo good!!
I have always used AIR DRY on the dishwasher...don't know the savings I have recieved.
I have a PVC clothes line...I'll try to post some pics next .
My husband built it many years ago and it is still standing straight.

Val said...

I so want to see what your husband created. You are correct, it smells SO fresh and early mornings are just the best to get us aligned for the day.