Thursday, July 23, 2009

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

My legs are kinda arms with a just a hint of sun brown up like southern fried chicken, its the farmer tan gene kicking in. Even my feet tan very well in fact. They could have even time in the sun and my legs....still pale. Soooo I decide to use some essential grapefruit oil as the remedy. Now why grapefruit oil, well because it is an oil that has a precaution on it that says UV sensitive, as in USE CAUTION while in the sun when it perhaps is mixed with some lotion........ perhaps.

Well I already had applied regular lotion earlier in the day to my legs along with 50spf to my face(with hat and glasses always when I am outside), arms and back sooooo I thought what the hell I am gonna do it anyways....throw caution to the wind and use the essential oil how its not intended....and guess what? IT WORKS! In fact it works a little too thighs have a bit of a red rosy glow to them, however they did get the most sun exposure while at the pool. the rest well, they are not pasty anymore thats for sure, a weee bit of color. My feet look great.


Needless to say I researched via the great crystal ball, aka the Internet, for home remedies other than aloe for sunburn and I will be trying the tea and milk bath tonight to relieve some of this redness. I have applied 5 times Jasons tea tree aloe gel and it took the major heat out, but I would like to sleep well tonight, I will let ya'll know how the chai bath works.

Yours Truly,
Crispy Critter

maybe I will get lucky and any sort of cellulite will be gone in the morning.

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Penny Pickles said...

let me know if the cellulite thing works - this is the first summer in years that more than my arms have gotten a glow - feels kinda good and looks good too! Hope the rosy glow tranforms into a beach tan.