Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Garden update


Its growing good considering we have had roller coaster weather. We have been eating chard, lettuce, radishes and broccoli. The broccolirahb bolted and went to seed in what seems like overnight. I will save the seed as it is an heirloom vegetable.


I love these raised beds, LOVE them, it makes it so much simpler and easier. I still have one spot that is done "old way" and I kind of ignore it.....not near as easy to stay on top of the weeds. It will be the last year for that bed as well. It will be a covered patio I am hoping next year. I did not solarize my beds this year due to inclement weather and them going in late. Solarizing kills the weed seeds and then gardening is virtually no work. It will also be a huge benefit to have the greenhouse up and ready this fall to roll on into spring with my own veggie plants. Nice! I tell ya what I have the best hubby in the world. He supports this passion of mine without a single wince., never do I hear him b*tch or complain about building this or that for me in my garden endeavors. He is a rockstar in my world, and most grown men want to be rockstars!!!!


Resweater said...

I'm easing into gardening.... I have grown in pots for the last 2 summers. Can you just put a raised garden on top of dirt, or does there have to be something underneath (I see gravel in your pics)? When you cut broccoli, does more grow back, like lettuce? Sorry for the questions, but you seem to be the person to ask!

Val said...

Resweater Goddess,
I have spun landscape fabric as a barrier, we have a wicked bindweed problem in our community....2 of them do not have it and I have to work a bit on those to keep them weed free. The gravel is for heat gets really warm during the day and releases heat at night. and its easier to keep up..wood chips would work well too. When you harvest the main head of broccoli you will get side shoots later.

Tammy said...

You are the gardening goddess -- why not follow your passion. I am excited to come by and sample the harvest :-) It looks great and I know that you will make the most out of everything you get from your crop. Have a great day!