Monday, July 20, 2009

Long term food storage

I am curious about these things.
*how much food do you have socked away?
*how it is stored?
*how do you rotate your inventory

I just read on a major website to use up what you have in your pantries when times get tough....that I can agree with, that is what food storage is for.......and in the same article stating from a "business perspective" that keeping an inventory of food is essentially a drain on your cash flow, comparing it to business's that keep inventory. I completely disagree with this line of thought. Could it be that the "business perspective" is a bit biased? When times get tough, I am sure if we had food stores, their business would REALLY feel it, if not go out of business! It is not a drain on your cash flow but an investment to feed your family if something should happen like a job layoff, major emergency or natural disaster. During those rough times our first line of offense is and me, not the grocery store or food bank. If you are of the latter how many others are of that ideology? What will happen if 60 percent or more of your community relies on another source for food and did not prepare properly. I find it fascinating that most of our population could go probably a year without purchasing new clothing or shoes but not 1 month in regards to groceries. Proof: In new or homes built after the 50's the closets got bigger and the pantries got smaller if non existent.

Maybe it can be chalked up to the culture I grew up in. I kid you not the winters I remember....snowed in for weeks. One best have their ducks in a row well ahead of snow fall and be ready for it.

Yours Truly
Mrs. Squirrel

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Kit said...

I've got enough home-made jam for a year stashed away, but probably only enough of other things for a few weeks. I do a weekly shop, so don't usually stock pile much. We don't get any snow at all here, let alone being snowed in! We could probably survive on soup from the stock in the freezer for a little while though!