Sunday, April 12, 2009

Street Cred!!!

Word on the streets these hens is lookin for the Eastah Bunny, they have a bone to pick, something about getting all the glory for eggs all over the yer back Eastah Bunny. just sayin.

Barred Rock hens Pictures, Images and Photos
these bioshes are looking to kick yer....


In other news...... I am lookin to have me some of these hens. I love em. Barred Rock a.k.a. Zebra Chickens. I want a whole flock, er.. uhm.. I mean herd!! Throw in a few amazing layers like the Australorps and few of those black fluff ball chickens, and some red ones and I will be set. Sorry Lois, but I am considering livestock. I will totally share my eggs with you.

For now I will settle for my chicken print pillow, I gots to build me a hen house....correction...Ebes has gots to build Us a hen house. He is so good that way.

Boss Lady

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