Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Essential Oil Room Spray

I have shared this recipe mucho macho onlino with a few ladios. I keep getting emails requesting the secret ingredients. Oh yer just gonna die when you realize how darn easy and simple it is.

1 part H2O
1 part vodka or rubbing alcohol
essential oil of liking or fragrance oil of liking. I make mine strong, its a personal choice.
pump spray bottle

I personally use rubbing alcohol for the recipe and save the vodka for internal use. Its not a vice versa kinda thing. The difference between Essential oils and Fragrance oils....EO's are natural and come directly from plant material. FO's are synthetic.

My favorite blend is.........drum roll please
Patchouli & Gardenia

a few others are
Lavender & Vanilla
Orange, Clove and Green Tea
Ylang Ylang & Black Pepper

and of course Lilac.
Go ahead, Take a big whiff.
aaaaaaaaaah, those smell so good.

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Resweater said...

I use vinegar & essential oils. The vinegar smell is gone as soon as it dries, and leaves just the smell of the essential oil. The vinegar kills the germs in the air that cause odors. Vinegar is the only thing I know that immediately takes away the smell after my son or husband ... ahem... read a magazine in the bathroom.