Saturday, April 25, 2009

Recycled wool skirt and shrug

I love wool, it is such an underestimated fibre, especially merino wool. I found some sweaters at the thrift store for a few bucks each. Not my size but I did have a great plan for them.


and a close up of that rosette that is hiding a tiny hole

The shrug top
Simplicity #4252

Good quality childrens wool is hard to find and when you do its quite spendy, I think these set me back $6 for the used sweaters.....and both merino wool. Merino is soft and light weight and great for layering. This set will look great with some argyl tights and which ever undershirt she chooses. I still have quite a bit in scrap leftover, maybe a skinny scarf perhaps?!

Now that top was a bit of a bugger, the weave was not as tight as the weave in the skirt, so it liked to slip a bit while sewing. I got it all finished and went to hem the sleeve....wasn't gonna happen. I remembered to change my stitch to a zig zag and messed with the lenght a bit and ended up with a nice lettuce edge.

Happy sewing!!

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Resweater said...

I love it! Merino is probably my favorite of the wools... even over cashmere & angora.