Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Auction Barns

Here in the last 6 months 2 auction barns have popped up on my radar. I'm thinking, hey..... this maybe an easier way for me to get rid of some stuff. Think about it, no pricing, no setting up, waiting all day for garage sale folks to show up.dickering over a $1 item, putting up and taking down signs. I am gonna poke around and see what their commision is. It just may be worth it to send it all to the auction barn. The key for me is to walk away and not attend. I have a weakness for auction barns, you never know what treasure you'll find.

Like a banana box of salt and pepper shakers. Think about the gifting potential that holds. Nah, not really. I remember my dad bringing home that box of salt and pepper shakers and how fun it was to dig through them. Good chance he still has them. I still have a teddy bear from an auction when I was 7 years old. Auction barns bring back good memories for me as a kid, probably not so much for others. The last time I remember them being so popular was in the 70's and 80's when farms up north were going under due to the terrible financial times. With the recession at hand, look for auction barns to be active again.

Auctioneers are a unique folk, how do they talk so darn fast anyhow?

Have a great day gals, I am so thankful the sun is shining!!!!

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