Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rethinking the American me

Do take a moment to take a peek, I thought it was well written.
I like simplicity, I have simplified a few aspects of my life and lemme tell ya, waaaaaaaay less stress, and that includes the company I keep. I like stuff with history, like my camper for example. Its OLD, but its well made, it serves our purpose well. I can make it my "own". Its not Humongous. I have been in new campers and fifth wheels, I do not like them. For starters most of them have carpet and not near as much storage as older models, oh and a big pricetag's to match their monstrous size. No thanks. My hubby is eyeballing them, I say good luck with that, have fun vaccuming that in the desert or at the lake, I am going fishin.
I like to grow my own food, beat to my own my drum.
I purchase with a purpose, I don't care what other people think. I try to look and dress decent, but I do not know what the latest and greatest labels are. I do not want my house to look like everyone else's house on the block, Mine is unique and no matter where I live it will always be different. I am anti cookie cutter all the way. I will never spend $300 on a purse, or $2K on a set of wheels.....just the wheels, not the whole car. I like a simpler way of life. My vacation destination is not Disney World, its a National Park. I will never understand paying 2 benjamins for a bottle of wine. Not gonna happen. I do however understand the value of a good work ethic and know when to stop to enjoy those that are important to us.
I love the company of great friends, family, shared with fabulous food....maybe that is what the Amercian Dream is all about....share each others company and eat each others food and say it was good.
Sounds pretty simple to me,

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