Monday, April 13, 2009

High Five

Why is it that little boys wind up to give a high five? It kinda hurts.

Big day a brewing, I am taking the lil pardners outside for yard clean up, amazing how much trash I do not see until I am hiding easter eggs. I would so be in prison if we lived in Singapore, really I have more garbage laying around on my 1 acre than they do in the entire city. Caning fer sure.

Grass seed is on the list for the back half and some weed n feed. I know not so "green". Forgive me, I vascilate back and forth from the green movement to I just want it to look nice....K? We are bracing our selves for a storm. It was reported 1-3 inches of water accumulation in the nest 3 days. First time I heard that, since the ground is warm now the snow will just melt so they will not predict it as 2-3 feet of snow. Its mid April for the love of Pete this is getting a bit old!!! So I best make the best of it.

Time to get crackin!

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