Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wake Up me!

This will be my first political post. I have been discussing this issue with a few folks around here after the big CPSIA debacle and few letters to my congressmen. What is next?

If you guessed the local farmers market, roadside vegetable stands, family farms then you win the prize of knowing what's going on. Congratulations for not wearing blinders.

I guess the campaign banners waving "Its time for change" were correct two fold.
The change that I am seeing via Legislation is more control, more laws, more regulations, and more spending.
The change I want to see is for the great people of this country to become more involved, paying attention to what our congressmen and women are doing while they are in session. The government is not them, the government is US. For the people, by the people. Never did it say For big business, by big business......whom in my humble opinion is behind the CPSIA and the now the formulating Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. If the notion that "organic farming" is criminal then I wonder how it is the newly elected Prez's children are going to be offered organic choices at their private school cafeteria......hmmm, fascinating eh?

I will update on occasion however it would warm my heart if ya'll did some research on the subject yourselves. This legislation affects us all on such a basic level. Why? cus we all need to eat, it's that simple.

Over and Out

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