Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Urban Homesteading...

While down at my mom and pop grocer picking up some ginger ale for my gingerly ailing husband whom is home sick with the flu today, I pick up a magazine of interest. The one and only Mother Earth News February March edition. It is one magazine that is worth 10 times the paper its printed on. Inside there is an inspiring article about Jules Dervaes and his "one trowel revolution". Who is Jules you ask? That pioneer over in Pasadena that gardens his 1/10th of an acre to an astounding harvest that sustains his family. He does have the advantage of year round climate that is condusive to such harvest, I have the advantage that I live on 1 acre with a well.

Stay tuned, in my hubbies semi lucid state I am going to approach him in turning the entire side yard into a garden paradise. This could go a couple of ways....scrunched up brow, bantering about not having any lawn to do.......what?mow? I have reduced our mowing by quite a bit since we have lived here. Maybe a few "are you crazy questions", or he will just nod off to sleep, and Lord help me out here pretty please, he will start dreaming of my vision.
I wonder if Jules would autograph my trowel? I would love to see his operation hands on, I am just that kind of person. A modern day, living in town, Urban Homesteader!

Go to and get your Victory Garden on! I did slip them onto my blog roll for my everyday convenience.

Back to regularly scheduled daydreaming.

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Kit said...

Great idea! Sounds like WW2 when everyone in England was sacrificing lawns to vegetables.