Sunday, March 29, 2009

She is Home

The Camper is home. I dove right in cleaning it out. Once I got all the old bedding and what not out of there, the 50 gallon bag of paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic cutlery, 2 banana boxes of cookware and other miscellaneous camp gear,and a load of towels My girlfriend Tammy found a full box of Star Wars Dixie cups from 1982. Our space geek friend Gary will be stoked!! I was ready to bring in the bucket of pine Sol.Photobucket
(view from the entry)
(view from the far end)

To my surprise once I did a vaccuuming and a scrubbin and set back the futon type seating/bed pads....It was more than awesome! It is in better shape than my original expectations. The coverings look brand new, I know they are not the originals, maybe circa 80's hurculon but nontheless not one tear or snag! For a camper that is 49 years old its downright amazing. I hope I look that good in 10 years. I am blessed.
(kitschy kitchen)

I thought I would just replace the flooring and counter top right away...don't need to, I would like to eventually but it really does not need it immediatly. It does however need curtains, the faded mint green ones are shot. A little paint where they started painting the inside, but I am not painting the entire entierior. The furnace grate needs some touch up and my husband will tinker with the stove and fridge when the rain subsides. Yes, now we have rain, and by end of day it will be snow. Some new tires, make sure the appliances work, weather stripping around the front door a few homey touches and we are good to go.Photobucket

One thing I did discover is that all this new ghetto fabulous hip hop gear that sports crowns and bling aint nothin new......
Just a refake of the original!

Hubs is formulating the design for the exterior when we are ready to paint....he wants to make it look like a 57 Chevy in white, turquoise and silver. What a cool guy, I told him he could do whatever he likes on the outside, and I can do whatever I wanted on the interior.

Lets go campin Ya'll!


Penny Pickles said...

Holy Crap that looks awesome - I want to go camping with you! Amazing what a little elbow grease and few black trash bags can do for a girl! Can't wait to see it all shiny and spiffed up with your touches!

Tammy said...

It looks great! I am so excited
to set out on our first outing. The camper does not look old at all, and I am sure with a little of your TLC -- it will be fabulous!

eilismaura said...

So glad for you that it turned out in better shape than you anticipated!!!

It is a great item and a great project - I am almost jealous!