Monday, March 9, 2009

Tricky tricky

I thought this was a great idear. Its really so darn simple I think I can get it out in just one more sentence. Crush up egg shells and sprinkle in the holes you plant your tomatoes. Why? So you can have eggy tasting 'maters. NO! The calcium in the shells helps to prevent blossom end rot. I had a dicker of a time with that last year so I am trying it this year.

One more trick....when you plant tomatoes, plant them deeply. I leave about 4 inches of the plant on top. All those itty bitty hairs on the stem of the plant will, get this, form into roots. Nice strong, nutrient and water absorbing root systems. Be patient, the first month they will be so busy growing roots you will not see much top growth, but they will catch up in mach speed.


Penny Pickles said...

oh i will have to try the egg shells, and thanks for the planting tips - this nice weather has got me all excited about planting season!!!!

Anonymous said...

We're about a month and a half out from having weather conducive to planting. Snow has to melt, the ground has to thaw. I'm getting jealous of folks who can get started already!

Val said...

I was getting really jacked up about Spring arriving, alas my balloon was popped, snow over the weekend. We are thawed, its just all the late arrival snow we typically get.

Over and Out,

Holly Lane said...

I also crush up egg shells and leave them in a glass of water on my kitchen counter overnight. Then use this water to water your houseplants. It works sooo good. My gold old rancher Grammy gave me this tip!