Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soup Kitchen

With the arrival of more snow and zero degree temperatures I have decided this week is going to be designated as Soup Kitchen week. Homemade soups and homemade rolls. I don't even care to serve a green salad. Salad is cold and I am getting fed up *to here* with the cold.

Ham and Bean
Beef Barley
Chicken noodle
Garden Soup
Butternut Squash

Come and Get it!!


Penny Pickles said...

Yum - I made a garbage minestrone last night - meaning whatever veggies I had in the fridge went into it - including edamame - it was one of my best yet. Stay warm - sending some warm thoughts!

Val said...

My dad always used the term "SOB Stew". LOL, ranch lingo!!

Kit said...

Sounds great - but we're way too hot for soup here still! And the kids just wish for snow.