Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Up and Away

Its a cardinal rule around here to keep the walking area clean and picked up, the only exception to this rule is the playroom, however at the end of the day I still need to be able to walk through it. No one likes to stumble over Tonkas, shoes, back packs, duffle bags, or clothes on the floor. Look at your walls do you have room for a peg rack, shelf or cubbie? This rule goes for pictures as well, get em up on the walls and not all over flat surfaces. Much easier to maintain.

If you are storing items in rubbermaid totes, remember to keep the least used stuff in the bottom ones and more frequent used stuff in the middle and upper ones. Seems simple enough but I am amazed at how stuff can get jumbled all together and one finds them selves hunting through each one, and on that note label them too!!

I have been away a bit for a trip to visit my brother and his kids. I did manage to click off over 500 photos, I will be uploading and sharing those soon. From branding, fishing, playing, scenery and would you believe 2 Nepalese sheepherders. How neat is that! Heck I thought the days of sheepwagons and sheepherders were times gone by. Not so! Gosh who knew Wyoming is actually very scenic. I was pleasantly surprised and totally expected an eastern Montana like enviroment. They have gotten double the moisture for the year thus far, so I was reassured that did help make it easy on the eye. The Wind River Pass was so preetty, and you get to drive through a few first time...I really need to leave my home state more, get out of my comfort zone. Montana is a really nice place to live , it's my home and has been my whole life, but it is nice to go explore then comeback.

Our Garage sale is this weekend and I have been on the hunt for wool sweaters like crazy to repurpose, I found some doozies!! Oh and I was gifted a serger so this repurposing sweaters has just gotten a whole lot that even a word? In my world it is!! I LOVE IT!! I bought my daughter a potholder loom to keep her busy on the trip, when I say its remote where we went, its remote. Not totally at the main ranch house but we were planning on moving his camper up to the area that has no electricity,running water or toilet... aka "cow camp" but we were rained out. It's best kids learn to keep themselves occupied with their hands for something to do. So I was thinking with all the t shirts my hubby goes through that end up holey she could get her dad to build her a larger loom for placemats and then dye them with the procion dye we already have from other projects. I would not mind one for myself in rug size. Imagine that? one more medium!! I may not have the grasp of such recycling as Ms. Ffrench, however I love making new things out of stuff that seems to have no purpose left. Its getting every last drop out of that resource. I will more than likely need a few projects lined up for the winter months as *sniff* my baby, my last child will be entering Kindergarten this fall.

Live with a purpose!

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