Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frugal Cleaning products that get the job done

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If you just dropped in on any grocery store I bet you could easily drop 50 smackers on cleaning products to clean everything from grout to toilets to windows to get you started. No need cowgirls and cowboys. I used to be that gal that had everykind of cleaning product under the sun.

Here is what I have under my sink..
Pine Sol, thanks to blue statue lady. I totally forgot how awesome this stuff is. For 2.59 I can make 20 spray bottles full. Well that equates to less than 20 cents per bottle. Sure beats paying 4 dollars per bottle of fancy spray cleaner, even the stuff from the dollar store equates to being 10 times as spendy.

Baking soda. This is the best gunk lifter. Even baked on nastiness. Just make a paste and smear it on and let it sit. Great pre soak for dingy clothing.

Another tip for you whites, get em in the sun. One would be amazed at how well it works for sun bleaching out stains and dingy grayness, I learned that back in my cloth diaper days, and its easier on your utility bill. I predict a clothes line comeback for this year as we find ways to cut costs in this slumping economy.

Vinegar is the best for cleaning floors and great for windows.

Mr. Clean magic erasers will save your sanity~~

Thats all folks....simplify your cleaning cabinet.

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