Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Its raining, Its pouring.....

I should be sorting and tagging!!
We are hosting a multi family garage sale this year.....I have started to go through the house, room by room, ridding it of any unused, outdated, outgrown items. Kids room is done. They have grown like weeds this year!!!
I go through each and every drawer, closet and holdout for stuff and tag as i put them in the boxes, with clothing I do not tag individually, they get blanket prices.....kids items 50cents, coats 2 bucks, Jeans 2 bucks etc. Sierra bags up the little things and sells them that way.
I do not like going to garage sales and searching for prices, it bugs me to no end. So word to the wise have everything clearly marked. I always have a free box for odds and ends as well. I do not advertise in the newspaper anymore, it costs close to $40 for a 2 day add.....we just make sure we have plenty of signage around our neighborhood.

What are your garage sale strategies? any tried and true tips?


Kit said...

I'd love to have garage sales, but they don't exist here - at least not where we are. It would be a great decluttering aid.

I don't have any problem getting rid of children's clothes - the best stuff goes to cousins and anything a bit worn but still good goes to the children of the people who work for us. But I'd clear out so much more if I had the motivation of a garage sale!

Kit said...

I just thought of one major hurdle to gettin grid of clutter this way - there was a village fair with a bric a brac stall in my mother's village in England when we were visiting last year. The children spent all their pocket money buying back things we'd donated, like my childhood keyring collection, so it all came back on the aeroplane with us!