Saturday, June 27, 2009

Its hot in the frying pan!!

Oooh doggy its been jumpin around here. Since we returned home from Wyoming I have done the following... This is all from the Wednesday to the following Saturday, tonight. I think I kicked butt on getting a few things done around here. So take that 28 day challenge.
priced the rest of my g-sale stuff
sewed 7 more recycled scarfs, 1 baby hat and 1 soaker....cashmere, way soft and perfect for a baby. I love good wool.
garage sale weekend
take leftovers to family services
dinged out the basement, found stuff I missed
moved all Halloween and Christmas totes to upstairs storage
dinged out Big Betty, she is a huge storage buffet in my dining room
Prepared Betty for canning season, she is now home to canning supplies
dinged out the wood shed.....the two seater is in use now. Now any grubby kids and their mom, dirty from working in the yard can use it without tromping dirt in the house.....hey it should save a bit on the water bill.
Sewed and new set of shower curtains/drapes for the downstairs bathroom. I like having the bathroom shower flanked for some reason.
Planted Rhubarb and more basil.
Prepared for yet another follow up garage sale...bored as ever and it was slooow so I painted up those chalk boards, stained the wood on my camper door, painted an end table, shelf and sign during that up on some Mother Earth News, and Mary Janes Farm.
Went to bed early that Friday night, I was pooped!
Wake up on Saturday thinking I am going to remove the dead lilac to replace with an umbrella clothesline..... since I located an electric chainsaw, nope I found an email update for a sale on Strawberries and the discount grocer.....urch! HELLO!! change of plans......24 pounds of straweberries in tow (good thing Big Betty was ready) , gather supplies for Pippies birthday, 3 garage sales and 1 thrift store later back at the house to finally process 35 pints of jam, 4 pies and kids to bed and the camper ready for a day trip of fishing on Sunday. Pippy asked for Birthday Pie instead of cake.....How darn cute is that? love that kid!!!

I still have not loaded any new pix, I do promise I have some good ones for ya. How in the heck bloggers keep up with that is something I have not figured out. So even with that said I have Denny Mcloughlins class to attend next week, so I will be a bit MIA. July will be dialed down a bit....but not by much, I have an Art show to prep for, gardening should be in full swing. Its all good!!
Lots of Love to Ya'll!!

ps....we hit 102 this week, so not ready for that. One day its in the 80's then 102, back down to 72. oi that was way hot for us in June!!!

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