Monday, June 22, 2009

Uh Oh!

I have found myself coming down with a serious case of wanting to paint. Not the kind of painting on canvas but painting walls. Not good, I have so much other stuff to get done that this would really throw a wrench into me plans.

Where did I pick up this bug? I have not wanted to paint walls in 5 years. I really burned out after we built the house. Ack!! I have the urge to paint the kids's room Taos blue, and the living room butter yellow. Oh crap! Its taking over my every thought.

I think for today I will paint up some chalk board doors just to appease my inner paintbrush....

It can get nuts inside my skull at time! sheesh I tell ya!!!



Otis said...

You can come paint walls at my house. I've got a few kid rooms and some dated paneling. Tempting? Tempting??

Val said...

Jen you know I would!!! I hope you and your family are settling nicely in your new its been almost a year!!!