Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So full of it

Compost that is....


this is my small composter. It holds 180 gallons or so of debris. it is what a I use for day to day composting year round. I mix it 3-4 parts carbon (dry leaves, dry grass, sawdust shavings,shredded paper) to 1-2 parts nitrogen depending on the "heat" content (green residue, fresh cow manure, kitchen scraps) It heats up quickly, I just turn it everyday and in two weeks its good to go on the garden. Through the winter I just keep filling it and filling then this spring I dumped in loads of wood shavings to balance the mix. Its cooking up as we speak, in 6 days I can use it.


This is what I refer to as the "bobcat method". In the fall we gather all of our leaves and run them through a chopper, any leftover grass clippings, branches, even paper and garden residue etc and mix it with a bobcat load or two of fresh cow manure.Mix with the bobcat scoop and push into a big pile and let it cook all winter. I will use this up this spring in all of the garden and flower beds. I will hold back just a bit for starter in the rolling composter.

Another reason to get chickens, chicken poop is the hottest and there for takes less to get the job done AND I will not need to beg my neighbor for poop. Besides those chickens will come in handy for egg production and keeping those destructive grasshoppers at bay. Triple threat chickens, yup I need some of those.

So Annie thats my magic composting formula. There are alot of composters on the market, and alot of folks that have written books about it as well. This is what works for us. So one minute we will be overun with compost and the next its all gone.

Note to the hired man: New grass clippings and diggings must go in a new pile. I wonder if he will quit his job when I tell him? Hopefully not, he still has to sleep next to me. *wink*

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