Monday, May 4, 2009

Confession Stand

That is what my daughter calls the concession stand at the ball field. I thought I was gonna pee my pants when she blurted out to everyone in a 20 foot radius ........"MOM may I go the the confession stand to get some candy?"

No really I confess, I am totally addicted to this years Britain's Got Talent. First it was Susan Boyle, which my viewing number of times on you tube is probably over 50 by now. Incredible and still leaves me a bit misty. Could be my front runner that Susan. So plucky and funny too. Then there is Holly Steele, holy crap such a little person with a HUGE voice and now there is Jamie Pugh. He is a total underdog and suffers from stage fright and just knocked the socks off the audience first time ever on stage!!! Amazing these 3 have never been scooped up. Oh and Elliot of the Good Evans, he should audition alone.

Ear Candy!

Thats all back to your regular scheduled reading.

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Kit said...

We also went mad on Susan Boyle - just couldn't believe her voice!