Monday, December 29, 2008

Personal Responsibility....

Its not very often I will ever link to Dr. Laura (click the title header) but I find myself aligning with her ideals more and more these days. Like it or not if someone asks her a question she does not sugar coat anything. Some food for thought regarding personal responsibility and finances and basically the whole shpeel of why we are in such a pickle as a Nation.

The other point I want to bring up is that PR to ourselves and our loved ones. When I say loved ones I mean husband or wife and kids. The ones we are making a life with now.
I was not so sure about this staying at home gig. I was sure I would get bored with not enough to do, not enough outside stimulation of adult human contact. Wrong! I have found this to be one of the best experiences of my life. I went from a disorganized mommy with a chore list that never ended to an organized mom and captain of my life. I thank God everyday that my husband has a good job that he actually loves, and that it allows us to be the family we want to be. I also view this now not only as a partnership in marriage but as a business partnership in life. 4 years ago I was always down on myself about not bringing in any income. Not anymore. You see once I started to look at it as a business partnership there was that paradigm shift in thinking. He is out their in the field drumming up the money and I am at headquarters in the position of Manager. Neither one could thrive without the committed support of the other partner. It is my job to make sure headquarters is running smoothly, accounts payable is taken care of, the facility is clean and safe, and the children are learning with some "on the job training" in regards to life. I chose this position. Sure there are days that go haywire, no different out in the field. So if you find yourself complaining on a routine basis about the job(s) you have chosen, then its time for a wake up call in your thinking. Clean it up! It is your creation. You may not blame having kids or a husband for the chaos in your home. You can however get up and get going to get the clutter out of your homes, if you need to hire a professional to get some advice and vision then do it! My funds did not allow me to hire anyone so it was jump in both feet and learn as you go. I also love the Home section at Barnes and Noble and when I got stumped I went there to cruise the books and magazines for ideas. It helps I have a great handyman husband that can build anything and I Love his mad skillz!!!.

I will present them the way I came about them. It will be a layered learning process, they all work together. You start with one and once you got a handle on it, you add on another one and do them simultaneously, so on and so forth. It is a bit of work and it is well worth the effort.

I started with my surroundings first...all the stuff in my house was just too much. Environmental clutter.
Second, emotional/mental clutter....that seemed to take the longest.
Spiritual clutter.....yes that is possible!
Financial/paper clutter I am in the process of really getting a handle on it thanks to the recent Dave Ramsey Classes.
and am ready to move on to physical clutter, as in the few extra pounds I am carrying around. That is the last piece to the puzzle.

Stay tuned and get some supplies ready such as lots of extra boxes, totes, bins, etc. labels and a pen. YOU CAN DO THIS! It is time to take personal responsibility for these areas in your life, it is an honor to share what I have learned with you.

Much Love
Simple Cowgirl

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