Sunday, December 28, 2008

Greetings Ya'll !!

The Holiday rush is over and as we sit down with a cup of coffee we ponder what the new year will bring us. For me personally I always choose a resolution where I will gain knowledge and it must be fun. This year is photography lessons...ah hem...learning my new camera. It is a whole lot of camera and I asked our friend Ted to school me in this area I so lack skill.

I have found over the year I keep yammering on about a few discoveries I have made in the wonderful world of internet. Organizing sites, recipe sites, planning sites and so on. I decided I would compile a "go to blog" of all things I love to refer folks to. So borne is this little niche. It is resolution #2 on the list, get more savvy with the computer via this blog. It is nice to have a place that has done the digging, and really in my case most of them I just stumbled upon. I love to share what I have learned.

My most urgent resolution is to finalize the de cluttering and organizing of any Christmas/Holiday frippery. I am still a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of this stuff I have not released. It will be almost 2 years come this March that I first read about "collections" in the Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. I have some issues surrounding the holidays and it was showing up in the ever mounting collection of Holiday decorations I had.....Karens insight was the precise thing that I needed to absorb to actually deal with it. Finally! This will be the 3rd showdown with me and that pile I tossed aside at the begining of December. I best pull up my bootstraps and deal. Who is with me? If and when I can get the dang photo poster to work that is eluding my grasp, I will share the before and after pictures. I started with 9 tubs and am down to 4 now, which does not sound like alot but I did purchase some new coffee cups, hand towels(from the thrift) and lights this year, so something has to go. Laura, over at The Organizing Junkie shares many before and afters and it is thanks to her visuals and my labeler I finally "got it". Thank you Karen for teaching me to release the clutter and Thank You Laura for teaching me to organize what I kept.

So start thinking about what goals you want to accomplish this year and write them down.

Until next time,

Simple Cowgirl

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