Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clutter Ratio.....

Huh? what is THAT!

An interesting article (click the title of this post, it will take you to the article or at least that is what i want it to do) on how much stuff we have in our homes and how much we really use said stuff. I am sure it took her alot of time to count it all, and it was for a thesis so when its all said and done about the same time anyone else would spend on research. I look at everything in a different perspective now, and it gave me clarity on what is really the difference between and want vs. need as well as loving it vs. liking it. For me I must love it for it to stay otherwise its adios and out the door. Do I really need a Santa snowglobe? Do I really need this tchochke? What bakeware do I really use? Do I love these pants and do they love me? We only use 20% of our stuff 80% of the its time to "do something" with the other 80% that is taking up precious real estate.

Hint: those crystal candlesticks that go with nothing, that ugly frame so and so got you that you hate because it clashes with your new paint scheme......anything you dont use! Its hard because you have got to be honest and then our emotions get all wound up in it and we second guess ourselves...."what if she comes over and doesn't see it in my house". Knock it off! If it isnt used, doesn't bring you joy, holding on to it over guilt, then its time to let it go. Dead Aunt Rita could care less about the neon pink and green afghan she knitted you umpteen years ago, she is up in heaven hollering "for petes sake get rid of that ugly thing!!! I dont know how you talked me into that color, it was the 80's go figure". If you are still having a hard time with it, just think of it as sending stuff on a journey and it was only meant to visit you for a short time until it reaches its final destination. Dont even get me started on curio cabinets/china cabinets that are so filled with "stuff" you cannot see the beauty of each individual piece. I am biased about these things. I cleaned houses for a living years ago and I ended up despising them (china cabinets) and their contents. Really they are ugly, I have not found a nice one yet.
All those lil mementos from high school and junior high....if you still have those stuffed in a prom shoe box, we need to have a chat. Good indicator that you hold onto the past, and wish for things like "I wonder what could have been".....guess what? It is stuff like that (mental clutter and the actual physical clutter) that keeps us from living in the present. You cannot go back, its over, honor those memories and move on and step into your life that is happening now! toss em, and if they are incriminating, burn em!
Moving on to Bathroom toiletrie sets. You know the ones that are made of resin, pottery, glass and what not. They hold your toothbrush, lotion and soap and possibly Kleenex. In my best opera voice "Duuust Colleeeectors". First off the toothbrushes need to be stored in a drawer. everytime you flush and leave the lid open, those lil particles of poo germs get in the air to only come down on your toothbrush! I fitted the wood panel fronts of our vanities with pop outs (wasted space, the pop outs all fit and dont hit the sink when you close them) You may keep the soap dispenser only if it works good and looks good and you love it. Personally, I switched all of ours out to foam pumps from bath and body works. Saves moola too, just keep refilling the same one with 1/3 soap and 2/3 water.

Well now you can start somewhere.
Adios Amigos, until next time
Keep it Simple Cowgirls!!

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